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Familiarization and safety training are being reinvented and improved like never before through virtual and mixed reality.

The Next Generation of Training

Infinity Labs is a scale-up and a collective of game developers with big hearts and an even bigger vision. We want to build the next generation of innovative virtual and mixed reality courses, that can impact the industry in a smart way. With broad knowledge of game development, we pour our love into XR products that can make the difference in decades to come. 


Allround partner

Infinity is there for your VR course launch from beginning to end. We advise, support, deliver hardware and offer service packages that enable a smooth roll-out. 


Unlimited scalability
Not every project has to start big. A virtual reality experience can start small, ready to expand when you’re ready to make your pilot a full-fledged VR course.  


Modular design
Every scenario is built in a modular way, enabling us to make changes easily and adapt content to support your organisation, saving time and reducing costs in the process.


More than just VR

Infinity actively supports its customers with setting up business cases, case-studies and smart financial strategies.


Measure performance

Data-driven learning means that trainees get active feedback based on measurements about their performance, providing insight on what needs just a bit more attention.


Frictionless VR training 

We work with you to design a user-friendly VR training that is as frictionless as possible for the end user, even your technically unexperienced employees. 

Bridging creative development & simulation, Infinity Labsserves a multinationals with cutting-edge XR courses around the world


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Successful Projects

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Safety Awareness Solutions

‘Safety first’ is something we all hear, but still way too many incidents happen at work. Infinity is specialised in VR safety training, reducing the number and impact of incidents. More than 10.000 professionals worldwide use our safety solutions on a regular base, from Defence to Aviation to petrochemical companies all rely on our safety awareness solutions

Familiarization and Procedural Training

When professionals get to work with new tools, machines or even in new environments the process of familiarization is time and costs intensive. We create virtual twins of trucks, petrochemical plants, distribution centers and many more where professionals can get used to the new environment, machine or tool even before it got introduced in the company.


For engineers and also a lot of other professionals it’s crucial to follow the right procedure. Learning procedures in VR reduces incidents, costs and training hours, and increases the productivity of your professionals. Especially for complex tasks virtual training can add high value. Over 10.000 professionals are regularly trained by our software on difficult procedures. 


Helping an industry improve with deeply impactful, cost-effective VR training

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Our Services

Achieve more with Virtual Reality & Infinity’s team. Measurable results, with cutting-edge VR academies.

Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence you have the option that training scenarios will automatically tailor a training to the weaker skills of a trainee.

Eye Tracking

With this tool we can measure where a trainee looks, focusses, and can even tell us if the player is stressed or relaxed while playing.


We can combine heatmapping with eye tracking, enabling an instructor to see the field of view and focus of the trainee (or trainees in multiplayer).


Mixed Reality is a term which contains both virtual and augmented reality. Each one comes with its own USP’s. We help you determine which one is best for your project. 

Heart Rate Sensors

This tool allows for more insight into the reactions of the trainee. For example, we can measure the levels of stress or calmness. 


Brain Computing Interfacing is a tool we use to measure brainwaves. This way we can measure very specific data of how a trainee responds to certain situations.

Data Science

We use our data to constantly improve our tools and with it your experience. We make data accessible for our clients so they can sharpen their whole training program.

Multi-player Experience

Using a multi-player tool gives the opportunity to train different professionals working together, currently up to 8 people at a time. 

End-to-end Service

Infinity doesn’t just deliver a project; we go the extra mile from the first until the very last step, always striving to deliver real impact solutions for our clients.

Monitor trainee performance with RTD

Real-time data (RTD) is information that is delivered immediately after collection. Your instructor can access and analyse the training data not only afterwards but also during the training.

Training for Instructors

To fully support your VR course roll-out, we can provide ‘train the trainer’ programs, where selected trainers are taught to train other professionals in your organization.

Hardware Solutions

Besides software applications, we also provide hardware solutions to your VR course to fully support all from one service point.


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Familiarization, safety and procedural training courses are just examples of what can be done. Feel free to contact us to talk about your ideas and how virtual reality can further improve your business. We’d love to help.