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Our Projects

We made a small selection of several virtual reality training applications we developed over the years. Want to try one for yourself? We'd love to show you.

Active Safety 

In this VR experience, associates in distribution centers get to train in different safety areas. From keeping 20ft distance to a pre-trip inspection, in Active Safety VR the player gets a well-rounded training regarding safety rules in a warehouse. This virtual training shows hazardous situations that need to be avoided in real life, really showing off the benefits of VR. The application is made with input from real subject matter experts, making the training extremely realistic and a great add-on for existing and new hire training.

Compilation of Defence projects

Infinity Labs has been a VR partner for the Dutch Departement of Defence for several years now, in which we developed multiple trainings and applications. The subjects vary from building Apache Helikopters for recruitment purposes, to developing a multi-scenario course of military basics on Emergency Response Training, Ammunition Awareness and Hazardous Materials. To help the military’s mental health department, we made a prototype of a therapy room to help treat soldiers that have PTSD.

World of Hydrogen

Infinity Labs designed a Virtual Reality Experience for Linde. In this experience you get to explore the Linde World of Hydrogen and learn how hydrogen can make a carbon neutral mobility, energy and industry in reality. They player can fly in a hydrocopter for a birds-eye view of a city safely powered by hydrogen - from businesses and transportation to homes. This experience visualised in innovative way what the world can one day look like!

Dutch Firedepartement 

Infinity Labs has developed a tank truck spraying module in Virtual Reality for several safety regions of the Dutch fire departement. This innovative module includes hand tracking, a Physics Engine for picking up e.g. hoses, various malfunctions and a choice between Becoming Skilled and Remaining Skilled. In this training, the player can both train in specific sequences on the fire truck Z-Control panel as well as walk through a 360-degree viewing area.

KLM Exit Training

For KLM, we have developed a full-on exit training for several planes, doors, and scenarios. KLM was looking for a cost-efficient way to train flight attendants repeatedly for many different scenarios and to decrease cost and increase training volume. The entire door was copied into VR which allows people to quickly familiarize with every door. We recreated emergency scenarios that can be activated by trainers to prepare flight attendants for every situation. With the added emersion of VR, the emergency situations look and feel more realistic than was ever possible before in the training center. 

Rack Check

Albert Heijn needed an innovative solution to highlight a critical safety feature in their distribution centres. Employees at the centres often overlook damage to the storage racks they are working with. Creating awareness for these issues could prevent disaster. Infinity Labs created a fun and interactive game that challenges the player to find and identify as many damaged racks as they can, while making sure the timer doesn't run out! By engaging players in an interactive way, Infinity Labs tries to get the player to focus on the subject more intensely without even noticing. Fun and learning combined into one. 

Image by James Yarema

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